Mes béatitudes

Mes Beautitudes


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  • 9790230975223
  • Editions Henry Lemoine
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This work is the result of a project that was very nearly impossible, for it involved gathering... mehr
"Mes béatitudes"
This work is the result of a project that was very nearly impossible, for it involved gathering together in a single narration, a form through which I had already passed, the schematised ideal of all that I had abandoned for many years. It is not so much a cemetery for ideas as a programme, held together by panic-driven attempts and second thoughts. Which are after all the living matter of all poetry. In the ideal schematise, I wanted to recover that same energy, that same slightly distant and often stormy fervour that clings when abandoned figures are compressed or recycled, that belongs to preferred, more important moments in time, and which here are deformed, compressed, accelerated or stretched out. The more extreme movements are gathered together, more or less saved here, such as elegiac slowness, strident refrains, a drying up of musical matter, dismantling of instrumental gestures in several successive states, produced separately.
Besetzung: Klavierquartett
Format: Notenbuch
Komponist/ Autor/ Künstler: Gérard Pesson
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